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Unlocking Insights
in Multiple Myeloma

LynxCare's comprehensive data asset* offers fresh insights into Multiple Myeloma (MM), including comorbidity factors, treatment patterns, and staging. With over +585 estimated patients and 348 endpoints measured, our granular and quality-controlled real world dataset can unlock invaluable insights into the treatment and prognosis of MM, empowering clinicians to make informed decisions.

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Closing the Gap
The Value of Unstructured Data in Multiple Myeloma

Structured vs. Unstructured

Structured data alone only provides part of the picture, missing key nuances. Combining structured data with rich EHR narrative data can improve our understanding of MM pathophysiology, outcomes and characteristics at diagnosis, as evidenced by our data which yielded a higher prevalence of atrial fibrillation (a common comorbidity in MM patients) of 19.6% (NLP enriched) vs 12.5% with structured data only, resulting in a 56.8% relative increase.

Reference: Jackson I, Etuk AS, Jackson N. Impact of Atrial Fibrillation on Inpatient Outcomes Among Hospitalized Patients With Multiple Myeloma. Cureus. 2022 May 23;14(5):e25252. doi: 10.7759/cureus.25252. PMID: 35755507; PMCID: PMC9217100.


Recent studies demonstrated that 40% of newly diagnosed MM patients are ineligible for RCT inclusion demonstrating the need for real world data on survival, adverse events and better characterization of the real-world population for future RCT's.

Real-World Insights

Using our federated real-world dataset, we can analyze adverse events, OS, and treatment patterns in real time, providing invaluable insights into the patient pathway of MM.

Multiple Myeloma Dataset Insights

Our dataset* provides valuable insights into MM, including but not limited to:

MM dataset insights-2

Note that the estimated patient counts provided (prior to inclusion/exclusion criteria) are specific to our Belgian dataset. Details on the representativeness and diversity of the Belgian dataset for global studies can be found above. The LynxCare datasets continue to expand, encompassing real-world data from hospitals across Europe. Complete the form on the right to gain further details and to discuss your study needs with one of our RWE experts.

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Insights for Life Science Companies

Our dataset offers life science companies unparalleled insights into the relationship between specific biomarkers, comorbidities, and treatment outcomes in MM.

Research Question/
Titration/Dosing Treatment dynamics Incidence & Prevalence Adherence Efficacy Indication split Safety profile
Cancer type
Lab results      
Cancer treatment
Hospital visit &
Genetic drivers
Adverse events          

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How Pharma Can Leverage LynxCare's Dataset 

Pharmaceutical companies leverage LynxCare's comprehensive EU dataset to gain insights and develop new treatments.
Our data is particularly useful for:

Unpacking the Data
The Sources Behind Our Insights

  • Patient demographics
  • Vital signs
  • Claims data
  • Biomarkers
  • Medications
  • Tumor staging
  • Active and inactive medical problems
  • Surgical interventions
  • Hospital procedures, visits & hospitalizations
  • In and out of hospital mortality
  • Drug regimens
  • Doses and durations of chemotherapy
  • Immuno-Modulary treatments
  • Lab results (B2 Microglobulin, M protein)
  • Gene expression profiles
  • Molecular-level information

Building Trust
Quality Control and Data Freshness

Quality Control

We adhere to strict data quality standards to ensure the accuracy and reliability of our data. Our team of experts verifies and validates data from intake, data processing up till analytics, ensuring consistency and completeness throughout the patient pathway. Each statistic needs to be validated by the individual hospital before delivery.

Data Freshness

Our data is updated regularly to ensure we provide insights based on the latest and most accurate information. Leveraging our HL7-based gateway, our datasets remain fresh with a max of 6-months delay.

OMOP CDM Data Warehouse

Our data is stored in the Observational Medical Outcomes Partnership (OMOP) Common Data Model (CDM), enabling easy access and integration with other healthcare or research IT solutions. With our well-structured and standardized data storage, our clients can start analyzing the data immediately and efficiently.

narrow data

patient scanner

Patient Insights
More Than Just Numbers

Individualized Care

Our data asset goes beyond just providing numbers and statistics. It offers insights into the individual pathways of MM patients, enabling clinicians to tailor treatments to the specific needs of each patient.

Cross-Disciplinary Collaboration

Our data asset has been used by healthcare providers as well as clinical researchers, enabling cross-disciplinary collaboration and innovation in MM treatment and management, leading to insights useful to compare OS in the real-world vs phase III trials in different treatment line settings.

Impact on Patient Outcomes

Ultimately, our data asset aims to improve the lives of MM patients by providing insights that lead to better clinical outcomes and patient experiences. With our comprehensive dataset, clinicians and researchers can tailor treatments to the real-world patient population, ultimately leading to better outcomes.

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How Hospitals Can Benefit from a LynxCare Database 

LynxCare builds hospital databases according to OMOP Common Data Model standards, complying with OHDSI standards. Data is collected from both structured and unstructured hospital data sources, using LynxCare's proprietary clinical NLP technology. LynxCare provides data quality and data traceability guarantees. This allows healthcare professionals and hospital researchers to rely on and check data quality at all times. LynxCare is used in line with (inter)national data privacy regulations. A federated data model ensures all data remains under the custody of the hospital. 

Multi-purpose use of your hospital's data

Improving Patient Care

  • Near real-time data from both structured and unstructured (i.e. free text reports) hospital data sources for health vigilance
  • Evaluate the quality and effectiveness of treatments and medicines in patient populations at your hospital

Hospital Management

  • Identify opportunities for streamlining and enhancing healthcare processes

Scientific Research & Publications

  • Initiate or participate in national and international RWE studies with research partners
  • Identify patients for clinical trials and assess trial feasibility


  • Benefit from knowledge-sharing through LynxCare's hospital network and partnerships with clinical experts

World-Class Expertise
The LynxCare Advantage


We do our best to ensure representativity by including data from a mix of academic and non-academic centers. This captures the real-world patient and treatment pathway.

Data Experts

Our team of data experts has a combined 50+ years of experience in healthcare data analytics and quality control.

Clinical Experts

We partner with clinical experts in MM and other specialties to ensure our data offers relevant and valuable insights for healthcare professionals.

Hospital Network & Data Access

The hospitals remain in control over their own data. Each RWE request is individually handled following data governance guidelines and timelines in
our master service agreement to accelerate the delivery of insights.

Partnership with the best statistical firms

LynxCare partners with statistical firms who already have a working relationship with the life science company.

Differentiating factors from other NLP providers & established RWD vendors
Differentiating Factors

Breadth and Depth

Our data asset contains over 585 estimated MM patients and 348 endpoints measured throughout the patient pathway, offering exceptional granularity for analysis.

Data Quality and Freshness

Our strict data quality standards and regular updates ensure that our dataset is both reliable and up-to-date, providing the most valuable insights for our clients.

Disease-specific NLP

Our NLP is disease-specific. As a result, the data is far more complete compared to other broad NLP vendors.

OMOP-CDM Data Warehouse

Our dataset is stored in the widely-used OMOP-CDM format, enabling our clients to easily integrate our data with other healthcare or research IT solutions.

Fast Data Access

We run projects on databases already built and manage your expectations upfront with a feasibility check for your study protocol. 
innovation 1

The Future of Multiple Myeloma Treatment
How LynxCare Can Help

Personalized Medicine

With our comprehensive dataset and world-class expertise, LynxCare is well-positioned to help clinicians tailor treatments to specific patient needs, opening up the possibility of personalized medicine for MM. Our data asset provides valuable insights into individual pathways of MM patients, enabling clinicians to make more informed treatment decisions.

Improved Outcomes

Our data asset aims to ultimately improve patient outcomes by providing insights into the clinical pathway of MM patients. By analyzing real-world patient data, our dataset offers a unique perspective on the
effectiveness and safety of different treatments. This information can help clinicians make more informed treatment decisions, leading to better outcomes for patients.

Continued Innovation

LynxCare is committed to driving innovation in MM treatment and management. With our world-class expertise in data analysis and interpretation, we aim to continue to provide valuable insights and solutions to healthcare providers and researchers. Our comprehensive dataset offers a wealth of information for life science companies and other stakeholders interested in advancing MM therapy.

* LynxCare datasets concern datasets within the LynxCare's European hospital network. The hospitals are the data controllers. No commitment before site approval on RWE request.