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Unlocking Insights
in aTTR-CM

LynxCare's comprehensive data network offers fresh insights into patients with aTTR-CM, including but not limited to comorbidity factors, treatment patterns, and adverse events. With 450+ estimated patients and 167 variables measured, our granular and quality-controlled real-world dataset can unlock invaluable insights into the treatment and prognosis of aTTR-CM empowering clinicians to make informed decisions. Equally, we can support in identifying patients-at-risk of aTTR-CM.

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Closing the Gap
Gaps in the diagnosis and treatment of aTTR-CM in the clinical setting

Diagnostic challenge

As there is no specific ICD-10 marker code for aTTR-CM, diagnosis requires both amyloidosis (identified by E85. ICD-10 code or a tafamidis meglumine delivery) and a cardiovascular condition (identified by ICD-10 or medical procedure codes related to either heart failure, arrhythmias, conduction disorders or cardiomyopathies), which are not necessarily reported at the same visit.

New insights

The prevalence data of aTTR-CM is limited and not well characterized, due to missed and delayed diagnosis in most patients, its heterogenous clinical presentation, and previously lacking sensitive diagnostic modality. 

The emergence of effective therapies for patients with amyloid transthyretin (ATTR) amyloidosis, and specifically cardiac ATTR amyloidosis, is a relatively recent and exciting development.

Advancing Research in aTTR-CM
Peer-reviewed Publication and Presented Conference Abstracts

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Unveil new and deeper insights
Fostering research and collaboration

Through multi-use datasets concerning aTTR-CM patients - Heart Failure, we aim to analyze

  • Difference in demographics & patient characteristics at diagnosis
  • Description of diagnostic delay and patient journey from onset till diagnosis, including diagnosed with and without treatment
  • Patient journey & outcome after start of treatment (Heart Failure related readmission, Overall survival)
  • Treatment patterns in the real world – concomitant drugs + morbidities
  • Health resource utilization

Reach out if you wish to discuss and gain further insights into our research protocol and objectives.

World-Class Expertise
The LynxCare Advantage


We strive for comprehensive representativity by including data from a mix of academic and non-academic centers. This approach allows to capture the real-world patient and treatment pathway.

Data Experts

Our team of data experts has a combined 50+ years of experience in healthcare data analytics and quality control.

Clinical Experts

We partner with clinical experts in aTTR-CM and other specialties to ensure our data offers relevant and valuable insights for healthcare professionals.

Hospital Network & Data Access

Hospitals remain in control of their own data. Each RWE request is individually handled following data governance guidelines and timelines as agreed in our Master Service Agreement to accelerate the delivery of clinical insights.

Partnership with the best statistical firms

LynxCare partners with statistical firms who already have a working relationship with life science companies.

Differentiating factors from other NLP providers & established RWD vendors
Differentiating Factors


Our data asset contains an estimated 450+ aTTR-CM patients and 167 variables measured throughout the patient pathway, offering exceptional granularity for analysis.

Data Quality and Freshness

Our strict data quality standards and regular updates ensure that our dataset is both reliable and up-to-date, providing the most valuable insights for our clients.

Disease-specific NLP

Our NLP is disease-specific. As a result, the data is far more complete compared to other broad NLP vendors.

OMOP-CDM Data Warehouse

Our dataset is stored in the widely-used OMOP-CDM format, enabling our clients to easily integrate our data with other healthcare or research IT solutions.

Fast Data Access

We run projects on databases already built and manage your expectations upfront with a feasibility check for your study protocol. 
HF innovation

The Future of aTTR-CM Treatment
How LynxCare Can Help

Personalized Medicine

By providing insights into individual pathways of aTTR-CM patients, our data asset enables clinicians to tailor treatments to specific patient needs, opening up the possibility of personalized medicine.

Improved Outcomes

By providing insights into the clinical pathway of patients diagnosed with aTTR-CM, our data asset aims to ultimately improve patient outcomes by providing valuable insights for clinicians and researchers.

Continued Innovation

With our comprehensive dataset and world-class expertise, we aim to continue to drive innovation in the treatment and management of aTTR-CM patients, ensuring that the latest insights and solutions are available to healthcare providers and researchers.

* LynxCare datasets concern datasets within the LynxCare's European hospital network. The hospitals are the data controllers. No commitment before site approval on RWE request.